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About Us

About Us

First Innovation is one of the leading companies in Qatar in the field of interior and exterior decoration

We are the first Innovation Trading Contracting Company, built on 9 years of anticipating the needs of our discerning clients and adhering to the highest standards of design, functionality, workmanship and service.

We believe in integrating traditional and modern design and manufacturing techniques. Everything we do, whether indoor or outdoor, is driven by this principle.

Whether our skilled artisans or our internal R & D team are testing the latest marble and stone materials to get approval for Environmental Design 2022, they all focus on the right way to deliver timeless quality, along with innovative innovation.

We express this commitment to excellence with this simple set of daily principles:

Quality: ‘Good enough’ isn’t good enough, we must aim for perfection.

Beauty: We focus on design, materials, detail and a finish to make the heart sing and dance with joy.

Engineering: We manufacture cutting-edge, durable products that work brilliantly.

Inventive: We are always seeking new ways to do things better.

Service: We know our customers have a choice, so we deliver a service, second to none.


Build, Lead and Serve Responsibly

ITC committed to the highest level of quality, safety and environment protection, providing innovative solutions.

We also provide products and services that give our customer the best value and compelling experience.

Our people and our partners are ourmost valued assets.

We uplift the quality of life in the communities we serve.


“Builder of a Better Future”

To be the builder of choice for value minded clients and high performing employees.

ITC is committed to:

  • Compliance with all applicable statutory regulations, national and international environmental laws and other requirements to which ITC standards subscribe.
  • Provide Framework for continuous development on environmental protection by setting targets, objectives and programs on relevant level and function in the organization.
  • Provide the necessary resources, education/training skills and motivation to all employees so that this policy is consistently implemented throughout the company.
  • Ensuring that contractors and suppliers working for ITC commit to environmental requirement of principal and demonstrate such commitment in their activities.

Organizational Chart


Other Staff:

  • 4 Engineer
  • 6 Supervisor
  • 5 Foreman
  • 50 skilled workers from
  • different country

Quality Overview

We at ITC realize the value of total commitment to a true quality program. We have many fundamental quality practices in place and continue to expand on our total quality practices. Our quality began upon the incorporation of our company and has grown through dedication – just as our company.

Our quality improvement process is based upon the principles of management-oriented planning, commitment, and building of interpersonal relationships between clients and employees. We focus on areas of motivation, teamwork,and problem-solving skills. We do not discriminate against, but encourage, new philosophies and improved methods.

Our fundamental belief in quality commitment is applied to all tasks. It applies to employees, procedures, equipment, state of mind, and attitude. It is one of the bases that separate our performance from any other company

“We endeavor to find the quality in our employees and teach them to seek quality in all of their tasks”.


  • To utilize lesson learning and industry best practices to foster a culture of continuous improvement within our diverse workforce.
  • To deploy innovative products and processes with proven performance history to achieve client`s expectations.


  • To be honest and transparent in all business relationships.
  • To retain the trust and respect of client, partners, suppliers and competitors.
  • To uphold best practices for health, environmental and safety performance.


  • To be an organization for which both Nationals and Expatriates aspire to work.
  • To create opportunity within, and tangible contribute to the community in which we live and operate